Instagramer Nick und sein BMW M4 Coupé


Interview with Instagrammer nick.f82m.

M Portraits #6.Interview with Instagrammer nick.f82m.

In our M Portraits’ series, we feature M fans from all over the world – true to the motto: ‘M Town is not a place to be found on a map; M Town embodies true passion for high-performance cars’.

Someone who shares this passion is Nick (nick.f82m) of California. This self-confessed M enthusiast is known for driving a very special BMW M4 Coupé (Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 10.0 - 9.3; CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 227 - 211) – and it’s not just his circle of friends that know about it: his Instagram account has nearly 18,000 followers. We talked to Nick about his love for all things BMW M.

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Instagrammer Nick and his BMW M4 Coupé

Nick and his BMW M4 Coupé.

Instagrammer Nick und sein BMW M4 Coupé

BMW M Magazine: There are several M models on your Instagram profile can you tell us a little bit about them and why you chose them?

Nick: I currently own two M models: a 2018 Yas Marina Blue M4 F82 and a 2003 Jet Black M3 E46. All of the other M cars featured on my page belong to my friends or other M owners I have meet on social media.


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Instagramer Nick und sein BMW M4 Coupé

How did the choice of vehicle and colour come about?

My M3 E46 was the main reason for why I developed such love and passion for BMW M. I chose the M4 F82 in Yas Marina Blue because I love the colour – it’s unique and it stands out from all other vehicles on the road. The M4 has the perfect amount of sportiness and luxury, all while pushing an amazing amount of power that makes it truly breath-taking! Also, I love how aggressive the front and rear end look!

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“I think it’s important to interact with other M fans and car enthusiasts because that’s how I’ve met all the amazing people and photographers I know today.”
Instagramer Nick und sein BMW M4 Coupé

Which camera do you prefer to shoot with?

I actually don’t have a camera – my friends are the ones who take all the pictures and I love working with every single one of them! I enjoy working with different photographers because each one has their own perspective for shots, favourite locations and unique editing style.

Which photo editing apps do you prefer and why?

I personally enjoy using apps on my phone, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. I love using these apps because they are easy to navigate, they include all the tools I need and they don’t degrade the resolution of the photos.

How else do you get involved in the M community and how important is it for you to interact with other M fans?

I like to get involved in the M community through social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook, and even through car shows that occasionally happen here in the Bay Area. I think it’s important to interact with other M fans and car enthusiasts because that’s how I’ve met all the amazing people and photographers I know today.


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What does a perfect day with your BMW M look like?

A perfect day with a BMW M involves my M4 and a long, wide, open road where I can enjoy the Ultimate Driving Machine! The feeling you get when you accelerate and the power from under the hood you experience while behind the wheel is like no other.

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Instagramer Nick und sein BMW M4 Coupé

Nick, thanks for speaking to us and keep having fun with your BMW M cars!

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BMW M4 Coupé:
Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 10.0 - 9.9 (9.3)
CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 227 - 225 (213 - 211)
The figures in brackets refer to the vehicle with seven-speed M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic.

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  • The models illustrated include optional equipment.

    Official data on power consumption and electric range were determined in accordance with the mandatory measurement procedure and comply with Regulation (EU) 715/2007 valid at the time of type approval. In case of a range, figures in the NEDC take into account differences in the selected wheel and tire size; figures in the WLTP take into account any optional equipment. WLTP values are used for assessing taxes and other vehicle-related charges that are (also) based on CO2 emissions, as well as for the purposes of vehicle-specific subsidies, if applicable. Where applicable, the NEDC values listed were calculated based on the new WLTP measurement procedure and then converted back to the NEDC measurement procedure for comparability reasons. For newly type-tested vehicles since 01.01.2021, the official data no longer exist according to NEDC, but only according to WLTP. For more information on the WLTP and NEDC measurement procedures, see

    For further information about the official fuel consumption and the specific CO2 emission of new passenger cars can be taken out of the „handbook of fuel consumption, the CO2 emission and power consumption of new passenger cars“, which is available at all selling points and at

    All vehicles, equipment, combination possibilities and varieties shown here are examples and can differ in your country. In no way do they constitute a binding offer by the BMW M GmbH. Visit your local BMW website or see your authorised BMW M Retailer for accurate details on the offers in your country.