Twelve BMW M4 GTS owners take on the “Nordschleife” of the Nürburgring.

Welcome to the Green Hell.Twelve BMW M4 GTS owners take on the “Nordschleife” of the Nürburgring.

All heads turn as an unmistakable sound fills the air. Twelve BMW M4 GTS cars pull into the courtyard of the BMW M Test Centre in Nürburg, Germany. Soon, the Centre’s own “M mechanics” will set up the M4 GTS track mode (mounted front splitter / adjusted rear spoiler in top position) for every BMW M addict’s dream: race training on one of the world’s most demanding circuits.
The “Nordschleife” of the Nürburgring impressed Jackie Stewart, Formula 1 pilot and 3-time world champion so much so, that he dubbed it “The Green Hell”. Once a year, BMW’s “Faszination Nordschleife” training dares fans to race through the gates of the Green Hell – behind the wheel of a BMW. For these twelve BMW M4 GTS owners, the event is a visit to the original training grounds of their exhilarating cars. Since 1991, BMW M GmbH has been improving the development of cars at its own Test Centre, which is located in the heart of Nürburg city next to the race track. More than any other car, the BMW M4 GTS has benefited from this centre and the countless test runs on the 20.83 kilometres of the famous Nordschleife.

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Early in the morning of September 27th 2016, a quick glance at the sky confirms excellent conditions for a few hot laps around the circuit. A warm, early autumn’s day and no rain in sight. The air is still cool from the night, but the morning dew quickly dries on the racetrack. The instructors advise their drivers to hold back, and increase their speed slowly, lap for lap. Two warm-up rounds bring the tyres and the 500-horsepower, six-cylinder in-line engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology up to operating temperature. After that, the instructors lead their groups through a few standard manoeuvres – narrow slalom, sudden braking and fast acceleration – routine practice for most of the drivers. For many this is not their first time on the Nordschleife. Regardless of their individual experience, the aim of the day on track is to improve their driving performance. Experts explain the best set-up for their BMW M4 GTS and prep them for the nerve-wrenching feeling of mastering the racing line of the Nordschleife at high speed.


A quick lap with BMW M instructor Jürgen Wagner.

Participants in the group led by BMW M trainer Jürgen Wagner can tell he is more than experienced. Even on the most challenging of stretches, the cool-headed instructor keeps a constant eye on his group through the rear-view mirror – praising and correcting their technique via radio.

They race around the ring one after another in three separate groups, continuously increasing their speed with each lap. The M mechanics are waiting in the boxstop at the “Döttinger Höhe” exit to check tyre pressure or top up the water injection systems.

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By the time the sun hits its peak, both drivers and cars are fully primed for their hot laps. The 80-millimetre titanium tailpipes are running hot. The initial enthusiasm of the drivers has become outright excitement. BMW Head Instructor Claudia Hürtgen is relaxed – everything works perfectly.

Of the more than 70 drivers in 11 groups participating in this year’s “Faszination Nordschleife”, twelve are driving in their own BMW M4 GTS. As the highlight of the day, these passionate drivers will always remember the fast “free” laps – where only two cars follow behind the pace car.

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On the racetrack, we can completely extend the front splitter and raise the rear spoiler. It’s an absolutely unmistakable feeling.
BMW M4 GTS driver

The drivers get closer and closer to the limit, steering with even greater precision as they follow the racing line. One thing is clear: their BMW M4 GTS cars are the perfect match for the Nordschleife.

At 200 km/h, the race-tuned aerodynamics put 12 kilograms of downforce on the front axle and 40 kilograms on the rear. These and other BMW M4 GTS specs reveal a genuine racing DNA at the Green Hell. Unleashing the full potential of their cars keeps the drivers going out on the track for more, time after time.

Lap for lap, the instructors set the exhilarating pace for an impressive performance. After the final lap in the late afternoon, there’s enough time before the group disbands for a souvenir photo and one last roar from the twelve 500-horsepower engines. Although it’s hard to say goodbye, the event participants will surely return – to the home of the BMW M4 GTS.

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