The seven most beautiful roads in the world: where the path is the goal.

Driving pleasure guaranteed.The seven most beautiful roads in the world: where the path is the goal.

"The path is the goal" is a famous Buddhist maxim that many of us will be familiar with, whether from a motivational poster or mindfulness literature. It is thought it was first articulated by ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius and remains a popular saying to this day. But in our hundred-miles-an-hour, hyper-modern times, this philosophical approach to life is too often lost. So it’s time to take Confucius at his word by starting your engine and driving to pastures new to find enlightenment on the world’s most beautiful roads.

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  • 01 Stelvio Pass, Italy
  • 02 Atlantic Road, Norway
  • 03 Transfagarasan, Romania
  • 04 California State Route 1, USA
  • 05 Garden Route, South Africa
  • 06 Great Ocean Road, Australia
  • 07 Milford Road, New Zealand


Of course, deciding where the world’s most beautiful roads are is a subjective choice. However, the following routes are guaranteed to give you unique experiences where driving pleasure is found in abundance. No matter if they consist of tight corner after tight corner or long straights that disappear into the horizon, they all offer one thing: an incredible drive amongst the wonders of nature.

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Stelvio Pass


Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson has already awarded the Alpine Stelvio Pass with the title of ‘Most Beautiful Road in the World’. Anyone who has traversed its hairpin corners will know exactly what the British TV presenter is talking about. The journey, via the SS38’s east ramp and onto the Strada del Passo dello Stelvio through the South Tyrolean Vinschgau valley, is particularly legendary. From the village of Prad to the pass itself, there are 48 bends over 25 kilometres. With an incomparable mountain panorama all around, it creates an almost magical atmosphere.

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Atlantic Road, Norway.

Although it’s under 10 kilometres long, the Norway’s Atlantic Road still has a lot to offer. Within this distance, you’ll cross eight epic bridges, each one more impressive than the next. The section between Molde and Kristiansund, part of Highway 64, ensures your journey will stretch from island to island without coming close to getting your feet wet.


Transfagarasan, Romania.

In the Transylvanian Alps between the Romanian regions of Great Wallachia and Transylvania, you’ll find the Transfagarasan, a paradise for corner hunters. The DN7C road takes you through this route from Baskov to Cartisoara. Passing through an awe-inspiring alpine environment, it is no mere link road. So that the Romanians use this 117-kilometre-long route for the Sibiu Cycling Tour mountain race every year.

California State 1


Route 66 or California State Route 1? We choose the latter, because the view of the Pacific Ocean alone is worth every kilometre you’ll get under your wheels. Between Dana Point and Garberville, the route runs a good 1,000 kilometres along the coast, sharing its path with other US highways time and again. In San Francisco it crosses the Golden Gate Bridge and at Laguna Beach it runs parallel with some mighty impressive beaches. This is a route where convertible drivers and corner lovers get their money's worth.

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Garden Route, South Africa.

Whether car lover or nature enthusiast – or both – everybody should be enjoying South Africa’s legendary Garden Route at least once in their lifetime. Between the towns of Swellendam and Humansdorp you will find the most famous part of the Garden Route, which runs for over 300 kilometres. National parks, surfer hot spots, culinary delights – here you can combine a rest break with several unique experiences.


Great Ocean Road, Australia.

The name says it all on the Great Ocean Road, which winds its way along Australia's southern coast and conjures up a outstanding panorama through your windscreen. Officially named the B100, the road runs over 240 kilometres west of Melbourne, from the seaside towns of Torquay to Allansford. You’ll pass through national parks, along cliffs, past lighthouses and – as can be seen in the picture – the well-known Twelve Apostles rock formation. If you don’t get your driving money's worth here, then something’s gone horribly wrong.


Also on the other side of the world is Milford Road. Over 255 kilometres of New Zealand State Highway 94, it takes drivers from Gore to Milford Sound on a route that couldn’t be more beautifully situated amongst the country’s phenomenal scenery. The last 120 kilometres to Milford Sound are particularly noteworthy. Every 15 minutes the landscape and climate changes: wide valleys and steep peaks, lush vegetation and bare rock, snow and sun. It’s all so amazingly picturesque that it’s actually rather difficult for the driver to concentrate solely on the road ahead.

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