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Welcome to BMW M Trackdays - the ultimate meeting place for BMW M fans and racing enthusiasts. Experience up close the fascination of BMW M automobiles and BMW racing cars on legendary race tracks. The BMW M Trackdays offer a unique opportunity to share your enthusiasm, perfect your driving skills and experience racing to the full.

BMW M Trackday Hockenheimring
BMW M Trackday Nürburgring Grand-Prix

BMW M Trackday 2023BMW M Trackday 2023

Whether you bring your own vehicle or opt for one of the provided BMW M cars – you'll connect with like-minded enthusiasts and collectively enjoy an unparalleled track day.

In the STREET starting group you can delve even deeper into your own BMW M experience or get acquainted with a new BMW M model provided by us, all under the guidance of a professional instructor in a personalized coaching session on the racetrack.

The RACE starting group is the perfect choice for those seeking the ultimate racing experience. Here, during open driving sessions, you can unleash the full performance of your BMW GT, Cup, and Touring race cars. Additionally, you can experience the BMW M2 CS Racing or the BMW M4 GT4 with a test drive. For the ultimate thrill, book a taxi ride with one of our BMW factory racing drivers.


BMW M Trackday at Hockenheimring 2023BMW M Trackday at Hockenheimring 2023

RACE: 1 day 
In the starting group RACE, both new and experienced racers will experience the power of their own BMW M customer sports race car. 

STREET: 1 day  
In the starting group STREET, you have the opportunity to drive or test your own BMW M production model – with or without professional guidance, based on your individual preferences. 

At this event, participants can join with any vehicle – whether it's young or old, a race car or a production model. Everyone who owns a BMW M vehicle is welcome.
Claudia Hürtgen

Race driver and Head Instructor at the BMW M Driving Experience


BMW M Trackday NürburgringBMW M Trackday Nürburgring

RACE: 1 day

In the RACE group, both newcomers and seasoned racers can experience the sheer power of their personal BMW M customer sports race car up close.


STREET: 1 day  

In the STREET group, you have the opportunity to drive or test your own BMW M production model based on your personal preferences – with or without professional guidance.


Participants at the 2023 BMW M Trackday at HockenheimringParticipants at the 2023 BMW M Trackday at Hockenheimring

Experience an exciting day at the BMW M Trackdays, starting with accreditation at 07:30. Take the opportunity to settle in and prepare for an eventful day. Afterwards, from 08:30 to 09:00, you will attend the drivers' briefing, to discuss important information and details of the day.

Between 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m., the two groups Street and Race (separately from each other) enjoy free riding on the track. During this session, you will hone your driving skills on the racetrack and discover the performance of your BMW M car.

The lunch break from 13:00 to 14:00 is not only an opportunity for refreshments, but also to socialise with other participants, instructors and BMW M enthusiasts.

The action continues in the afternoon, from 14:00 to 17:20, once again with open driving in two groups (STREET/RACE). Use this time to put what you have learnt into practice and intensify your driving experience.

RACE / STREET programme

2023 BMW M Trackday at Nürburgring-GP2023 BMW M Trackday at Nürburgring-GP

The Race group of BMW M Trackdays offers BMW M Racing customers an exclusive and thrilling driving experience:

Open driving with your own vehicle - RACE: New and experienced racers can experience the power of their BMW M customer sports race car on the racetrack. Participation is allowed for GT, Cup, and touring cars.

Open driving with your own vehicle - STREET: In this group, BMW M owners have the opportunity to drive their own BMW M or M Performance model on the racetrack.

Driving time andsSlots: The approximately 3-hour driving time is divided into 4-5 slots to provide sufficient time on the track.

Participation fee: In addition to the driving time, the participation fee includes lunch and a program that enhances the sense of community.

Additional options: For an additional charge, accompanying persons can be brought along, additional drivers can be included, and a box can be rented.

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BMW M2 Coupé:
CO2 emissions combined in g/km 231-226 [223-218] (WLTP)
Fuel consumption combined in l/100km 10.2-10.0 [9.9-9.6] (WLTP)

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