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BMW M Product ExperienceBMW M Product Experience

BMW M Product Experience

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Electric introduction.

The BMW M Product Experience is a unique opportunity to witness the innovation, progress and electric performance of the latest BMW and BMW M models up close. As part of these exclusive trainings, you will not only learn about the latest technologies, but also actively take the wheel of the all-electric top model of the new BMW 5 Series, the BMW i5 M60.

Discover how innovation and driving pleasure seamlessly intertwine as you take part in an introductory session to the BMW i5 M60. Learn more about the vehicle setup and the different driving modes that make for an unrivalled driving experience.


BMW i5 M60 interior viewBMW i5 M60 interior view

€ 360  |  ½ day  |  max. 8 participants per group

An exclusive opportunity to experience the fully electric flagship model of the new BMW 5 Series, the BMW i5 M60, at an exciting immersive event. From the dynamic drive on public roads to the challenging terrain of the BMW M Driving Academy, the BMW M Product Experience offers a comprehensive encounter where you can test the features of the i5 M60. Discover the Assisted Basics, providing insights into vehicle setup, driving modes, and park assistance, followed by Assisted Dynamics, focusing on the dynamic potentials of the vehicle. With the Assist Plus Session, explore advanced driver assistance systems on various types of roads and end your session with an in-depth discussion about charging and the day's experiences.


BMW i5 M60 side viewBMW i5 M60 side view

The training takes place in the state-of-the-art facilities of the BMW M Driving Academy and offers you an exclusive opportunity to experience the all-electric top model of the new BMW 5 Series, the BMW i5 M60.    

You'll dive deep into the world of electric mobility with a comprehensive look at the advanced driver assistance systems, including impressive features such as Hands Off at 130 km/h and Remote Parking. Experience the electric power in a thrilling 100m sprint followed by a trip on the motorway. It's not just a drive, it's a journey into the future of electric mobility you won't want to miss.

Driving joy, gift-wrapped.Driving joy, gift-wrapped.

Driving joy, gift-wrapped.

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BMW i5 M60 xDrive Sedan:
CO2 emissions combined in g/km 0 (WLTP)
Energy consumption combined in kWh/100 km 20.6–18.2 (WLTP)
Electric range in km 455–516 (WLTP)
BMW M4 Competition Coupé:
CO2 emissions combined in g/km 223–219 (WLTP)
Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km 9.9–9.7 (WLTP)

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