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Driving proficiency at the highest level.

As a professional driver, each day you take on an outstanding responsibility for your passengers. The BMW Professional Safety Training, supervised by experienced BMW instructors, addresses your high demands. The training deepens your skills for confident handling of vehicles in everyday working life and in special situations, since reacting correctly under pressure is crucial for a true expert.


BMW Professional Safety ExperienceBMW Professional Safety Experience

€ 2,130  |  2 days & 2 overnight stays  |  max. 8 participants per group

The training starts with fundamental principles, such as the optimum seating and steering wheel position. Various exercises on braking and evasive manoeuvres will prepare you to react proactively, calmly and appropriately in dangerous situations. We also focus on demanding moves at high speeds to prepare you as a professional driver for every challenge on the road.


BMW Professional Safety Experience AgendaBMW Professional Safety Experience Agenda

Experience two days of intensive training specifically designed for professional drivers.

Arrival day: Individual arrival, followed by a theoretical session on driving dynamics. A shared dinner provides an opportunity to exchange experiences with other professional drivers.

Day 1: After a joint arrival at the BMW M Driving Academy, you start the day with a warm-up that optimally prepares you for the upcoming challenges. We then deepen your skills in effective braking and evasive maneuvers – essential abilities for all professional drivers. In the afternoon, expand your knowledge about the ideal racing line and learn more about driver assistance systems (DAS). The day concludes with full braking from 160 km/h, before you retreat to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

Day 2: After breakfast and hotel check-out, head to the BMW M Driving Academy. The second training day involves refining your skills. You enhance braking in curves, double lane changes, and your drifting abilities. The Pace Car Laps offer exciting rounds on the track. Test your skills in the reverse slalom and conclude the second day with a warm farewell and a light snack, completing this intense training experience perfectly.



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BMW M760e xDrive [1]:
Fuel consumption weighted combined in l/100 km 1.4; with depleted battery: 9.0
CO2 emissions weighted combined in g/km 31
Energy consumption weighted combined in kWh/100 km 26.1
CO2 class B; with depleted battery: G
Electric range in km 70
BMW iX M60 [1]:
Energy consumption combined in kWh/100 km 24.7
CO2 emissions in g/km 0
CO2 class A
Electric range in km 500

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