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Highest safety training for protection professionals.

In the world of professional driving services, safety is not just a priority but a fundamental commitment. The BMW Security Driver trainings are specifically designed for armored vehicles security drivers responsible for the safety of their passengers. These trainings provide a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills in handling heavy and demanding vehicles, expand tactical knowledge, and prepare for extreme situations. Learn how to handle every situation calmly, safely, and professionally while testing the limits of your driving skills under the guidance of experienced BMW instructors.

BMW Security Driver Level 1
BMW Security Driver Level 2

BMW Professional Protection InstructorBMW Professional Protection Instructor

The training center in Groß Dölln, one of the most renowned test and evaluation centers for vehicle safety in Europe, provides the ideal environment for this challenging training. Once Europe's largest military airfield, it was transformed into a state-of-the-art Driving Center in 2002. The 1.5-meter-thick concrete runways, originally intended for the Russian space program, now serve as the backdrop for your training. Here, on the same surfaces where military aircraft once landed and where the Federal Criminal Police and the German Armed Forces now conduct their own training, you'll experience the challenges of a BMW Security Driver training. Immerse yourself in a world where safety and history converge on the road.


BMW Professional Protection Level 1BMW Professional Protection Level 1

Price on request  |  2 days & 2 overnight stays  |  max. 8 participants per group

As a driver for VIPs, politicians or business executives, you take on an important role and your driving skills must be at the highest level. In BMW Security Driver training Level 1, you will learn how to handle armoured vehicles - vehicles that are not only heavier, but also exhibit different driving behaviour. Our professional instructors teach not only pure driving technique, but also anticipatory driving and the ability to maintain a perfect control under stress. The training includes evasive driving manoeuvres, dynamics in the dark and the art of keeping a clear head.


BMW Security Driver Level 1BMW Security Driver Level 1

Experience two days of intensive training designed specifically for professional safety drivers in armoured vehicles.

Arrival day: Our programme begins with your individual arrival the evening before. Familiarise yourself with driving dynamics, specially tailored to the requirements of protection vehicles.

Day 1: The training sessions focus on various driving elements, including emergency braking and numerous evasive manoeuvres. After dinner, training continues in the dark to sharpen your skills in challenging lighting conditions.

Day 2: Start your second day with challenging driving maneuvers such as high-speed handling and cornering evasion. After a revitalizing lunch, test your responsiveness in a simulated vehicle attack and refine your driving techniques in a training session on the ideal racing line.


BMW Professional Protection Level 2BMW Professional Protection Level 2

Preis on request  |  3 days & 3 overnight stays  |  max. 8 participants per group

In the BMW Security Driver training Level 2, you refine your skills as a professional driver. Handling extreme situations, mastering armored vehicles, and deepening previously acquired knowledge take center stage. New challenges include escape scenarios under paintball fire, drives with vehicle contact, and fast pace car laps. This training equips professional drivers to meet the highest safety standards in their profession and provide optimal protection to their passengers.


BMW Professional Protection Level 2BMW Professional Protection Level 2

Experience three days of intensive training specifically designed for professional drivers in armored vehicles.

Arrival day: The theory of driving dynamics, especially focusing on armored vehicles, takes center stage in the evening, followed by a shared dinner with fellow participants.

Day 1 – Day 3: Deepen your knowledge from the Level 1 training with additional sessions such as escape drives under fire, pace car laps on the ideal racing line, and drives with vehicle contact.

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