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Passion meets precision, adrenalin meets agility. The BMW M Race Track Experiences are not just driving training courses - they are the bridge that takes you out of your comfort zone and onto internationally renowned race tracks that are otherwise only reserved for professionals. Whether you want to hone your racing line on the famous Nürburgring or storm the incomparable Hockenheimring - we will take you there. Under the guidance of our track-savvy BMW M instructors, you will immerse yourself in exercises that will make your driver's heart beat faster: Your driving skills pushed to the maximum, your reflexes sharpened.   

Dive into the world of racing and experience what it feels like to race across the finish line in high-performance vehicles. Let your passion guide you and experience an adventure you will never forget. Welcome to the BMW M Race Track Experience - where every day is a "Race day".

The egistration for the BMW M Race Track Experience 2024 is now open:       

BMW M Race Track Compact
BMW M Race Track  
BMW M Race Track Plus

Which Race Track Experience suits you?


TrainingContentLengthTraining venuePrice

- Warm-up
- Braking exercises on bends
- Double lane change
- Pace car laps

½ day

- Bilster Berg
- Hockenheimring
- Nürburgring GP
- Sachsenring

- Warm-up
- Timed slalom course
- Oversteering/drifting
- Driving exercise for double lane change
- Guided pace car laps

1 day & 1 overnight stay

- Bilster Berg
- Hockenheimring
- Nürburgring GP
- Sachsenring
- Salzburgring

In addition to Race Track training:

- Drifting in a circle
- Cornering with timekeeping
- Getting to know the racing line

2 days & 2 overnight stays



BMW M Race Track Compact TrainingBMW M Race Track Compact Training

€ 790  |  ½ day  |  max. 10 participants per group

The BMW M Race Track Compact training takes you to completely new driving and adrenalin heights. Experience the thrill of the race track with the BMW M4 Competition. Start gently with a warm-up to familiarise yourself with the vehicle and track, and then work your way up to more demanding exercises with double lane changes and braking in corners. Conclude your training with unforgettable pace car laps, where you can fully experience the BMW M genes. This half-day training will fly by, but will leave you with adventurous memories and impressive new driving skills.


BMW M Race Track Compact 2024BMW M Race Track Compact 2024

Day 1: After your individual arrival, a warm-up handling session will help you familiarise yourself with the vehicle and the track. This is the first step on your way to mastering the art of motorsports.  

The next few hours of this experience are dominated by intensive driving exercises. From precision braking in curves up to the skill of double lane changes - you will experience the fascination of motorsport at first hand. During this training, you will approach the racing line with guided pace car laps. This is where the BMW M motorsport feeling really comes to life. You will learn to optimise your driving technique and fully harness the potential of these powerful vehicles.


BMW M Race Track TrainingBMW M Race Track Training

Price from € 1,890  |  1 day & 1 overnight stay  |  max. 10 participants per group

In our BMW M Race Track Training you will experience the thrilling highs and lows of famous race tracks such as the Bilster Berg, Nürburgring and Hockenheimring. At the side of our expert BMW M instructors and at the wheel of the BMW M4 Competition, you will unleash your inner racing driver. Hone the basics of competitive driving - slaloms, dynamic braking, evasive manoeuvres, double lane changes and mastering oversteer and drifting. Drive your first pace car laps and savour the thrill of racing around the track at full throttle.


BMW M Race Track at SalzburgringBMW M Race Track at Salzburgring

Arrival day: Let the theory of driving dynamics sink in and prepare you for what lies ahead - an adventure full of speed and precision. Your day ends with dinner before you get ready for the excitement ahead.

Day 1: A smorgasbord of high-octane adventures. After a thorough warm-up, you'll dive into the timed slalom course where you'll put your skills to the test and push the vehicles to their limits. Train oversteering/drifting and double lane changes. Here, every manoeuvre is executed with precision to put your driving skills to the test and refine them further.

The experience goes into the next round with intensive braking exercises in the bend, which help you maximise your control and familiarity with the vehicle. Now for the grand finale: the guided pace car laps are a major highlight of the afternoon and give you the opportunity to unleash the full capacity of the BMW M models. You can look forward to several laps of driving pleasure while experiencing the vehicles at their most intense. 

After so many unforgettable experiences, we round off the day with a detailed de-briefing. We'll swap stories and review the most exciting moments. The day ends with your individual departure.


BMW M Race Track PlusBMW M Race Track Plus

€ 3,390  |  2 days & 2 overnight stays  |  max. 8 participants per group

Transform your driving skills into a fine-tuned craft. With the BMW M Race Track Plus you'll pave the way to perfection on the Sachsenring. Test your responsiveness and improve your driving technique with advanced manoeuvres, from dynamic lane changes at high speed to fine-tuning your ideal line on the racetrack. Under the guidance of our track-proven M instructors, you will develop an even more precise driving feel at high speeds to maximise your driving pleasure.


BMW M Race Track Plus CateringBMW M Race Track Plus Catering

Arrival day: After your individual arrival, you will learn the basic principles of driving dynamics. Enjoy a tasty dinner and prepare yourself for an exciting drive before retiring for a peaceful night's rest.

Day 1: The first day is packed with instructive and exciting driving exercises. Start off with an efficient warm-up handling session and put your skills to the test with braking manoeuvres while cornering, a timed slalom course, challenging oversteer manoeuvres and dynamic lane changes. The day ends with guided pace car laps on the racetrack before you reflect on the day's experiences with the other participants and retire for the evening.

Day 2: A more in-depth experience awaits you, including drifting in circles and specially timed turns. Get to know the racing line and perfect your driving skills. Further guided pace car laps will give you another chance to apply and refine your newly acquired skills before you leave with a certificate in your hand and unique memories in your head.

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The perfect present for petrolheads.

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BMW M2 Coupé:
CO2 emissions combined in g/km 231-226 [223-218] (WLTP)
Fuel consumption combined in l/100km 10.2-10.0 [9.9-9.6] (WLTP)
BMW M4 Competition Coupé:
CO2 emissions combined in g/km 223–219 (WLTP)
Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km 9.9–9.7 (WLTP)

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