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The Interior of the BMW M3 and M4.

The inner values: In episode eleven, BMW M developer Mickael explains the interior in the new BMW M3 and M4.

15 February 2021

The epitome of racing feeling in everyday traffic starts a new round. 35 years after the debut of the first BMW M3, BMW M GmbH presents the latest generation of its high-performance automobiles in the premium mid-size segment. Time to introduce the two new vehicles. In the #M3M4explained series, the developers have the floor.

The inner values! Mickael's focus is on high-quality materials, perfect looks and design to the point. The BMW M developer is responsible for the interior of the new M automobiles. In the video, Mickael presents the interior - with details that are as functional as they are emotional.

BMW M4 Competition Coupé:
CO2 emissions combined in g/km 223–219 (WLTP)
Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km 9.9–9.7 (WLTP)


BMW M4 Competition CoupéBMW M4 Competition Coupé
The two shift paddles have different surfaces.

Is the passenger and engine bay separator covered in Alcantara? Or leather?

The standard dashboard is made of a polyurethane slush skin. As an option, you can have it covered with leather Nappa black on the top section and colored leather Merino on the lower side.

Can you mount a racing harness to the seats?

The serial version of the vehicle does not support the use of multi-point harnesses.

Is the red back of the shift paddlers made of carbon fiber too? Or is it metal/aluminium or normal plastic?

No, the red back of the shift paddles is rubberized plastic to improve tactile grip. The upshift paddle has little hexagonal knobs on it whereas the downshift paddle has little hexagonal dimples to distinguish both from a pure touch feeling.

Can the red paddle accent be changed to another color?

No, there is no alternative color available. Red is used as an accent color for M specific functional parts too.

BMW M4 Competition CoupéBMW M4 Competition Coupé
The gear shift lever as an emotionally charged link between driver and engine.

What are the differences between full and extended leather?

In contrast to the standard extended leather Merino, the full leather additionally includes the lower dashboard in upholstery color and upper dash, upper door and side panels covered with black leather.

What other colors do the carbon fiber seats come in?

The M Carbon seats will be available in Black, Silverstone/Black, Kyalami Orange/Black, Yas Marina Blue/Black, Fjord Blue/Black, Fiona Red/Black and Ivory White. The CFRP parts are always carbon fibre in its natural appeal woven in Köper 3K binding.

BMW M4 Competition CoupéBMW M4 Competition Coupé
The BMW M Carbon bucket seats are lighter than the standard M sports seats.

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