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The Arctic rediscovered.

Embark on the ultimate snow and ice adventure in the Arctic Circle, where adrenaline and luxury converge for an unparalleled experience. There, right next to snowy Arjeplog lies the BMW Test Centre, where engineers rigorously test the newest BMW models under winter's extremes. Now picture yourself behind the wheel of the new BMW M3 Competition with M xDrive and BMW M2, conquering bends amid swirling snow.

Introducing the BMW M Ice Max and BMW M Ice Plus trainings – the epitome of high-value adventure facilitated by consummate professionals. Feel the rush as you drift with extreme cross-dynamics on specially-prepared ice tracks. Our multi-day journeys invite seasoned drivers to put themselves to the test, guided by expert BMW M instructors. Elevate your skills, command every turn, and forge confidence on demanding surfaces. From BMW M Ice Max's exhilarating challenges to the BMW M Ice Plus's controlled mastery, both journeys unfold in the enchanting backdrop of Arjeplog.

BMW M Ice Max
BMW M Ice Plus

The BMW M Ice Trainings take place against the unique backdrop of Arjeplog. Nestled in this winter wonderland is the Hornavan Hotel, a beacon of Scandinavian cosiness. Immerse yourself in the comforts and breathtaking views of Lake Hornavan. After a day of thrilling drives, rejuvenate at the hotel spa, savor local cuisine, and unwind in elegance. Every aspect, meticulously curated for your utmost pleasure.

It's more than a driving experience – it's a symphony of high-performance, skill-building, and luxurious relaxation. The Arctic Circle beckons; answer it's call.


How do the individual BMW M Ice Experiences compare?
TrainingContentLengthTraining vehiclePrice

- Safety briefing
- Braking/evasion exercises
- Oversteering in a circle
- Drifting in a circle/oval/cloverleaf
- Handling course 1 – 3
- Reverse turn
- Drift slalom
- Drifting on a large circle
- Taxi ride with the BMW M4 Ice Racer

4 days & 3 nights

BMW M3 Competition with M xDrive and studs, BMW M2 with studs

Like BMW M Ice Plus, incl.

- Drifting on the large circle/cloverleaf 
- Large handling course
- Drive the BMW M4 Ice Racer yourself

5 days & 4 nights

BMW M3 Competition with M xDrive and studs, BMW M2 with studs



BMW M Ice MaxBMW M Ice Max

€ 5,290* | 5 days & 4 nights  |  max. 20 participants per group


MAX represents the maximum, the zenith, the most exciting thrill on the ice, just waiting to be conquered by you. Take the wheel of a BMW M3 Competition with M xDrive or a BMW M2 in Arjeplog, Sweden, and master the art of four-wheel drifting and rapid lateral dynamics on the specially prepared tracks. For 5 days you will be guided by BMW M instructors to perfect controlled slides and handling courses. This is not for the faint-hearted, so bring your courage. So secure your starting place and show the ice who's in charge here.

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Raindeer in ArjeplogRaindeer in Arjeplog

Day 1: Upon arrival at Arvidsjaur Airport, you will be transferred to the Hornavan Hotel where a refreshing drink awaits you. After a comprehensive safety briefing, you will enjoy a delicious menu at the "M Ice Drivers Dinner".

Day 2: Dive into the exhilaration of drifting and navigate through slaloms while honing your handling skills in various scenarios.

Day 3: Experience the excitement of drifting on a larger scale and enhance your expertise in handling under different conditions.

Day 4: Conquer the large handling course and experience the BMW M4 Ice Racer for an adrenaline-fueled drive. In the evening, gather for a memorable Farewell Dinner in the wooden tepee.

Day 5: Elevate your mastery with the third handling course, and wrap up the experience with a seamless transfer to Arvidsjaur Airport for your return flight.

BMW M Ice Plus

BMW M Ice PlusBMW M Ice Plus

€ 4,290* | 4 days & 3 nights  |  max. 20 participants per group


Discover Snowy Arjeplog, our Arctic Circle playground where BMW engineers conquer winter. Now, it's your turn to command the icy stage. Guided by experienced BMW instructors, you have a fleet of BMW M3 Competition und M2 vehicles at your disposal, to master extreme wintery challenges on a sprawling, ice-covered canvas at our BMW Test Centre. Look forward to an exciting weekend of driving, breathtaking views and social activities. After a day of thrilling adventures on the ice, return to the Hornavan Hotel to unwind in the opulent spa and wellness center. It's more than driving; it's an unforgettable adventure.

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The 2023/24 season has ended. Subscribe to our reminder service to be informed when we announce the new season.


Hotel FireplaceHotel Fireplace

Day 1: Upon arrival at the airport, you will travel together by bus to the Hornavan Hotel, where you will be welcomed with a refreshing drink. After a thorough briefing on safety precautions, you will be treated to an exquisite dinner at the "M Ice Drivers Dinner".

Day 2: Embark on a dynamic day of learning. Practice braking techniques, avoidance maneuvers, and oversteering at the circle. Explore the thrilling art of controlled drifting and delve into additional handling exercises.

Day 3: Take on new challenges. Navigate turns, master drift slalom, and conquer larger circle drifting. Progress to the next handling course and cap off with an exciting taxi ride featuring the BMW Ice Racer. End the day at the Farewell Dinner in the wooden tepee.

Day 4: Enhance your skills further in the last handling course. Bid farewell to the BMW Test Center as you transfer to Arvidsjaur Airport for your return flight, empowered by newfound expertise in winter driving.

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