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BMW M Snow DriftBMW M Snow Drift

BMW M Snow Drift

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The fine art of the drift.

Drifting, often seen as the pinnacle of driving finesse, is an art form that blends precision with instinct. Set in the picturesque landscapes of Mandarfen/Pitztal, Austria, the BMW M Snow Drift trainings beckon those seeking adventure and exhilaration in the most demanding winter driving vistas. Whether you're riding solo or with a companion, these immersive programs allow you to dive deep into the world of high-performance BMW M models.

BMW M Snow Drift
BMW M Snow Drift Plus

Glacier Spa in PitztalGlacier Spa in Pitztal

Throughout your BMW M Snow Drift Plus training, you'll luxuriate in the opulent 4-star Verwöhnhotel Wildspitze. Here, you'll savor exquisite Austrian culinary creations, unwind in the tranquil Glacier spa, and take in a relaxing swim in the infinity pool. This oasis of relaxation harmoniously balances the high-octane thrill of your driving adventure.

The BMW M Snow Drift adventures are not just about driving; they're about mastering the art of deliberate oversteering, maintaining the racing line with precise throttle control, and keeping a sharp focus on the track ahead. From navigating tight circles to weaving through challenging slaloms and conquering the grand course, every moment behind the wheel is filled with exhilaration and fun.

In the heart of the Austrian Alps, these experiences offer a unique blend of adrenaline-pumping action and tranquil luxury, promising memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to unlock your passion for winter driving and immerse yourself in the extraordinary landscapes of Mandarfen/Pitztal with BMW M Snow Drift.


What are the differences between the individual BMW M Snow Drift Experiences?
TrainingContentLengthTraining vehiclePrice

- Theory of driving dynamics
- Warm-up handling / drive to the practice area 
- Drifting around the circle
- Drift slalom
- Large drift course

½ day

BMW M4 Competition with studs, BMW M2 with studs

Same as BMW M Snow Drift, incl.

- Driving in single occupancy
- BMW M Drivers Dinner

1 day & 1 night

BMW M4 Competition with studs, BMW M2 with studs


BMW M Snow DriftBMW M Snow Drift

€ 530 | ½ day  |  max. 16 participants per group


Drifting is an art that requires precision and sure instincts. Our BMW M Snow Drift course in Mandarfen/Pitztal, Austria invites you to learn this fine technique. Perfect drifts succeed with practice and finesse. Under the view of the Pitztal glacier, our half-day training sharpens your drifting prowess. Theory boosts your confidence, and hands-on experience hones your skills. Beyond the spectacle of nature, driving skills and everyday safety merge here. Gain dexterity, master sliding maneuvers, and excel on your daily rides.

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Your journey kicks off with an individual arrival. You'll register at the hotel PIZ, setting the stage for an action-packed experience. The day starts with a deep dive into the theory of driving dynamics, followed by a ride to the practice area for some thrilling warm-up handling exercises. You'll conquer a circular track, perfecting your drifting skills with each lap. The challenge escalates with drift slaloms, preparing you for the grand finale—a mastery of the vast drift course. As the sun sets on this remarkable day, you'll return to the hotel for a well-deserved snack, the presentation of your hard-earned certificates, and heartfelt farewells, capping off an unforgettable adventure.


BMW M Snow Drift PlusBMW M Snow Drift Plus

€ 1,200 | 1 day & 1 night  |  max. 8 single drivers up to max. 16 persons with double occupancy and shared driving time

Experience unparalleled exhilaration with BMW M Snow Drift Plus. Embrace double the driving time, immersing in pure driving dynamism. Solo or with a companion, conquer perfectly primed tracks in high-performance BMW M models. We arrange accommodations at the 4-star Verwöhnhotel Wildspitze in Mandarfen/Pitztal offering Austrian delights, Glacier spa, and infinity pool serenity. Relax, then step into your BMW M Snow Drift Plus experience. Master deliberate oversteering, maintaining the race line with throttle control, and focused vision. From circle to slalom to the grand course, thrill and fun await.

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The 2023/24 season has ended. Subscribe to our reminder service to be informed when we announce the new season.


Dinner im HotelDinner im Hotel

Arrival Day: Upon your individual arrival you'll be registered, and kick your evening off with a session on driving dynamics theory to prepare you for the upcoming driving experience. You'll finish the day with the BMW M Driver Dinner, together with all other training participants.

Day 1: The day begins with you getting acquainted with the BMW M vehicle's handling and a drive to the designated practice area. There, you'll dive into the thrilling world of drifting, practicing controlled oversteer on a circular track. The training progresses with a drift slalom course, honing participants' precision in drifting through a challenging course. Afterwards, you'll take on a larger drift course to further refine your drifting skills.

After an action-packed day, you'll return to the hotel for a relaxing snack, farewells, and individual departure.

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