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This is how spectacular the 20th anniversary of the BMW M3 CSL was.

A celebration for a very special M model: The 20th anniversary of the BMW M3 CSL was celebrated in Munich in style.

29 June 2023

Avery special M model, a fantastic event and over 150 participants: The BMW M3 CSL recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. A group of enthusiastic owners from around the world celebrated in style with a trip to Munich and the Nürburgring. This resulted in incredible images – with the impressive BMW World in Munich as the backdrop. We spoke with Mike Rainbird, one of the organizers of this amazing event.  

“I wanted to make sure not to miss the 20th anniversary.”

20 years of BMW M3 CSL - Mike Rainbird20 years of BMW M3 CSL - Mike Rainbird

Name: Mike Rainbird

Place of origin: Norfolk, Great Britain

Profession:  Business owner and passionate owner of a BMW M3 CSL  

20 years of BMW M3 CSL20 years of BMW M3 CSL

How did you get to Munich? Did you drive the car or put it on a trailer?

I drove the car from Norfolk with a fellow owner. We met up with nine other CSLs at Folkestone, making a convoy of eleven CSLs. We then headed to Munich with an overnight stop at Saarbrucken, the half-way point.

20 years of BMW M3 CSL20 years of BMW M3 CSL

What is special about the M Community?

The passion for the brand, the camaraderie and the worldwide friendships based on the love of M division.

What originally made you buy the BMW M3 CSL and how has your passion evolved over the years?

Like many in our group, I watched the original test of the CSL on Top Gear and was instantly taken by the looks, the sound and Jeremy Clarkson's praise for the car. From that moment on, I was hooked and I knew I had to have one. It took me 10 years to buy one, and I plan to keep it forever. It has the perfect balance of practicality and specialness that I don’t think can – or ever will – be replicated.

The M community is very special with its passion for the brand and the worldwide friendships.
Mike Rainbird
20 years of BMW M3 CSL - Nürburgring20 years of BMW M3 CSL - Nürburgring
A place where legends were formed: Part of the group made a "short" detour to the Nürburgring after their stay in Munich.
Our passion for this car and the M brand transgresses age, nationality and religious barriers. We are M!
Mike Rainbird

Are there already plans for the next event?

Following the success of the 20th anniversary, the owners in the group who attended want to make an annual meet-up and track event – so, watch this space!

If you could take a dream trip around the world in your BMW M3 CSL, where would you go and why?

We just went on it! The next one will be the 25th anniversary, which is already in the early stages of planning, and will be even more epic.

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