Guinness-Drift M5


How the new BMW M5 drifted 374.2 kilometres in eight hours.

Guinness World Record for drifting.How the new BMW M5 drifted 374.2 kilometres in eight hours.

Long-distance sedan cars are ten-a-penny. But look for sedans with outstanding driving features and you’re on thinner ground. Sedans that boast the ultimate drift characteristics – wafer-thin. The new BMW M5 (combined fuel consumption: 10.5 l/100 km*; combined CO2 emissions: 241 g/km*) goes beyond limits, without losing control. With two new Guinness World Records for drifting, BMW M’s high-performance sedan has once again demonstrated its extraordinary qualities. But this time the record attempt took place under even more extreme conditions.

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This time Schwartz’s vehicle had a new addition to its arsenal: for the first time, the new BMW M5 features the M xDrive all-wheel drive, designed for traction in all conditions. Would this put the world record hunt in danger? Not at all! With the push of a button, M xDrive can be switched off so that full power goes directly to the rear axle.

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In the case of the mass-produced M5 with 600 hp 4.4-litre engine and M TwinPower Turbo technology, full power means full power. It develops a maximum torque of 750 Nm from just 1,800 through to 5,600 revs.

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Although we practiced the refuelling several times before the Guinness World Records title attempt, there was very little margin for error.”
Matt Butts, Detroit Speed


Thanks to the technical ingenuity and driving skills of both drivers, Schwartz achieved the seemingly-impossible in the new BMW M5. Within the eight hours, he drifted a full 232.5 miles (374.2 kilometres) around the test circuit – despite the fact that the refuelling procedures required nerves of steel. He even kept his composure when the two BMW M cars briefly touched. The drive-by refuelling tank manoeuvres also resulted in another record: the longest twin-vehicle drift on a water-covered track. A total of 49.3 miles (79.3 kilometres) was covered by the new M5 and its predecessor.

After the triumph, Schwartz energetically steered the M5 away from circuit to perform one final movie-like drift on dry asphalt. Perhaps he was in a hurry after eight hours of continuous drifting. After all, there were no food or toilet breaks during the record drive!

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M5 Drift Cards

*The fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and operating range figures were determined according to the prescribed test procedure in the version applicable at the time of type approval (Regulation No 715/2007). The figures refer to a vehicle with basic configuration in Germany and considers the different sizes of the selected wheels/tyres. Further information on official fuel consumption figures, specific CO2 emission values and the electric power consumption of new passenger cars is included in the following guideline: “Leitfaden über Kraftstoffverbrauch, die CO2-Emissionen und den Stromverbrauch neuer Personenkraftwagen” (Guideline for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and electric power consumption of new passenger cars), which can be obtained from all dealerships, from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and at

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All vehicles, equipment, combination possibilities and varieties shown here are examples and can differ in your country. In no way do they constitute a binding offer by the BMW M GmbH. Visit your local BMW website or see your authorised BMW M Retailer for accurate details on the offers in your country.

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