Naomi Campbell and the first BMW XM.


Naomi Campbell, Apache 207 and Ishod Wair on the subject of self-assured individuality.

DARE TO BE YOU.Naomi Campbell, Apache 207 and Ishod Wair on the subject of self-assured individuality.

Taking the obvious route and doing what’s expected of you is the easy way. It’s harder to stand up for yourself, stick to your convictions, break the mould – and be true to yourself. It’s precisely these characteristics that unite high-profile artists like Naomi Campbell, Apache 207 and Ishod Wair with the first BMW XM. Together, they bring a new dimension of confident presence, expressionistic lifestyle and masterful individuality into focus.



BMW XM: Fuel consumption in l/100km (combined): 1.7-1.6* (WLTP); Electric power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 34.5-33.0* (WLTP); CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 39-35* (WLTP); Electric range in km: 83-75* (WLTP)

* All figures are preliminary values

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“If I’m firmly of the opinion that what I do is right for me, then it’s the right thing to do.”
Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell – an extraordinary personality.

It was in the context of the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair that the first encounter between the high-performance automobile in the form of a Sports Activity Vehicle and Naomi Campbell took place. The Brit is known for her temperament and divides opinions with her authenticity. “I was brought up to believe in integrity. That means remaining true to your own values and in doing so acting honestly and fairly. If I commit to something, then I do it with 100% conviction. I don’t think about what people think or what their opinion might be,” she says.

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Naomi Campbell and the first BMW XM.
Naomi Campbell and the first BMW XM.


The term supermodel was invented for Campbell.

From an early age, Naomi Campbell put her dream of a modelling career above everything else and made it into the elite circle of catwalk stars for whom the expression “supermodel” was created. Born in London of Jamaican parents, her presence and individual glamour introduced an era where diversity gained in significance at international fashion shows and the fashion business in general. Till today, she is seen as the pioneer of a new generation of self-confident women on the fashion scene. Parallel to her career on the haute-couture runways, Naomi Campbell has long worked successfully as an actor, designer and businesswoman, while at the same time supporting many charitable organisations, including UNESCO.


Giving up is not an option for Naomi Campbell: “I call it the three D’s: dedication, determination and drive. You have to love what you do and stick at it. Even if people don’t always understand your motives. If I do something, then I see it through to the end.”

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And not just Naomi Campbell, other high-profile artists who enjoyed driving the BMW XM became successful by believing uncompromisingly in their chosen path.

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APACHE 207: Extreme success with the quiet approach.

Almost no interviews or private insights, Apache 207 enjoys being something of an enigma. He’s broken records and revolutionized a whole genre. Precisely because he doesn’t make a big fuss, Apache 207, or Volkan Yaman as he’s known in civilian life, is today one of Germany’s most successful rappers.

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“If I’d gone by the rules and the compromises, it would only have worked on a very standard level.”
Apache 207
Apache 207 and the first BMW XM.


Ishod Wair: On to the next level by trusting your own strengths.

Self-confidence – that’s what drives Ishod Wairs. He’s a pro skateboarder, fashion icon, lover of classic cars and a big BMW fan. For him, trusting one’s own strengths makes the difference.

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Ishod Wair and the first BMW XM.
“You have to believe in yourself. Then the breakthrough will happen and you’ll reach the next level.”
Ishod Wair
THE BMW XM – dare to be you.


The rear o the BMW XM in the studio.
The M Lounge of the BMW XM.


The BMW XM: Exclusive, expressive, electrified.

This special mix of tenacity, dedication and confidence is also embodied by the first BMW XM. It combines innovative drive technology and a unique vehicle concept with expressive design and puts down a marker for emotional presence beyond traditional norms and conventions. The expressive style of the exterior design is continued inside the BMW XM. In the driver’s and passenger seats, the powerful geometry of dashboard, seats and door trim authentically reflect the performance potential of the M automobile. The front seats, designed for the active driving experience, contrast with the exclusive, lounge-like atmosphere of the rear seating. An extravagant choice of paintwork and materials, innovative design elements, generous spaciousness and an exclusive level of seating comfort characterize the unique M Lounge of the high-performance model.


It’s not only the design that is unique, surprising and innovative. The BMW XM is the first M vehicle with an M TwinPower Turbo V8 petrol engine with plug-in hybrid technology. The BMW XM’s M Hybrid drive stands for pure driving pleasure, superior power development and the characteristic M sound. The system performance is 480 kW (653 hp). And from autumn 2023, the BMW XM LABEL RED special edition will be launched, offering still more power: The M hybrid drive will then develop 550 kW (748 hp).

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Naomi Campbell and the first BMW XM.



BMW XM: Fuel consumption in l/100km (combined): 1.7-1.6* (WLTP); Electric power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 34.5-33.0* (WLTP); CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 39-35* (WLTP); Electric range in km: 83-75* (WLTP)

BMW XM Label Red: Fuel consumption in l/100km (combined): 1.7-1.6* (WLTP); Electric power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 34.5-33.0* (WLTP); CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 39-35* (WLTP); Electric range in km: 83-75* (WLTP)

* All figures are preliminary values

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