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BMW Individual expert Mathias Babbel meets the most extraordinary customer requirements.

An interview with the Head of Exclusive Customer Advisory and Order Management at BMW Individual.

18 November 2019

BMW Individual Manufaktur offers a wide range of vehicle refinement options. Exceptionally crafted details and exclusive design options testify to BMW M GmbH's deep passion for individualisation. BMW Individual's exclusive customer advisors are on hand to provide every customer with expert and dedicated support. In the Individual Lounge at BMW Welt in Munich, they accompany the customer from the selection of the paint finish and special equipment to the implementation of unique and particularly elaborate desires. Mathias Babbel, Head of Exclusive Customer Advisory and Order Management at BMW Individual, talks about the Manufaktur‘s exclusivity and his personal enthusiasm for perfection down to the last detail.

BMW M8 Coupé:
CO2 emissions combined in g/km 260–251 (WLTP)
Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km 11.4–11.0 (WLTP)
BMW M8 Competition Coupé:
CO2 emissions combined in g/km 260–251 (WLTP)
Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km 11.4–11.0 (WLTP)


Mathias BabbelMathias Babbel

Mathias Babbel

Head of Exclusive Customer Advisory and Order Management.

Responsible for exclusive customer advice and the BMW Individual Manufaktur portfolio since 2016.


BMW M Magazin: Mathias, what’s been the most special project you’ve worked on?

Mathias Babbel: The development of the BMW Individual M850i NIGHT SKY, about whose development I could write a small book. The key here was that it was a collaborative project across all departments and people were so enthusiastic that everyone was willing to go the extra mile. Some of its design elements were not included in the original concept and were added during the development phase, like the enormously elaborate headliner – hand-sewn in our factory – or the paintwork that was applied to the vehicle during the factory holidays in Dingolfing.

Administrative departments such as purchasing and development pushed themselves to their limits in order to create this beautiful vehicle. Ultimately, it was a team building project that showed what we are capable of when everyone pulls together and is united in one purpose.

BMW Individual stands for perfection in craftsmanship and maximum exclusivity. Thanks to Manufaktur's unique range, every BMW can be given its own personal character.
Markus Flasch, CEO, BMW M GmbH


BMW Individual colorsBMW Individual colors

Anyone who thinks of BMW Individual usually has unique paint colours in mind. Who decides which paints are developed, and how do you create them?

The colours are developed by our design department, where there is a Colour and Trim team. Colour experts who are involved in trend research also work there. Of course, it's not only about current trends, but also about trends that are sometimes far in the future.

The requirements for the colours then come from product management. Here, for example, design is told: “We need another blue shade, and it has to be sporty and dynamic, perhaps it has to have a nuance of purple.” And then the experts start working on it.

Start the BMW Individual Visualizer

The customer should be proud of the car and feel that they have created something special.
BMW M 850i Convertible BMW M 850i Convertible
BMW M850i Convertible in BMW Individual special paint Dravite Grey metallic

A paint finish such as BMW Individual Dravite Grey metallic creates different effects depending on the light – how does this work?

It is a so-called changer paint. By mixing together special pigments, a unique glitter effect and an extraordinary colour brilliance are created. Depending on how the light falls on the paint finish, it is reflected differently, which changes the perceived visual impression again and again.


How do paints get their names? And how can BMW Individual and BMW M paints be distinguished from each other?

Most BMW M paints are given names of racetracks, for example Hockenheim Silver. BMW Individual paints, on the other hand, are named after gemstones, such as Ametrin metallic. In this way, a really large colour palette comes together. In total, the current BMW Individual range includes more than 130 different paint colours.

Naturally, BMW Individual customers also have the opportunity to create a unique paint for their vehicle. Such colours trade under names that do not fit into the pattern above. In addition, it is of course also possible to use paint colours from other manufacturers, such as Verde Ermes – a paint that has already been seen on one of our BMW M850i vehicles.

Take a look at the BMW M850i Coupé in BMW Individual special paint Verde Ermes


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