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Jens Klingmann and his BMW M3 Competition Touring .

BMW M works drivers are busy people. Their calendars include events, driving experiences and, of course, races. In addition to all this, there is one more very important date they just won’t miss: the collection of their BMW M Werksdienstwagen.

6 June 2024

BMW M3 Competition Touring with M xDrive:
Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km 10.4
CO2 emissions combined in g/km 235
CO2 class G

BMW M Magazine will accompany the professional race drivers to these exciting events to talk to them about their latest cars, their driving styles off the racetrack and much more. For the first episode of our series, we met up with Jens Klingmann. He drives the BMW M4 GT3 for BMW M Motorsport and recently took delivery of his new BMW M3 Competition Touring in BMW Individual Urban Green at BMW Welt. Jens Klingmann has been a professional racing driver since joining Formula BMW in 2006 and has been racing in the GT series since 2009. He joined the BMW M Motorsport driver squad in 2014 and has since claimed podium finishes for the team in such prestigious races as the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps and 24 Hours of Nürburgring. BMW M Magazine recently met Klingmann in Munich, where he made a brief pit stop on his way to Imola for a race in the Italian GT Championship. The reason for the layover: Klingmann took delivery of his new BMW M company car. As the BMW M3 Competition Touring has pure racing DNA by design, we were particularly interested in what the professional motorsport driver thinks about his road legal sporty Touring. 

Jens Klingmann mit seinem neuen BMW M3 Competition Touring.Jens Klingmann mit seinem neuen BMW M3 Competition Touring.
For me: the best road legal car.
Jens Klingmann

BMW M works driver


Jens Klingmann liebt entspanntes Fahren.Jens Klingmann liebt entspanntes Fahren.

You don't have to talk to Jens Klingmann for long to notice that he clearly separates road and racetrack. “Left-foot braking”, for instance, the technique used by professional drivers to brake with their left foot so as not to lose any time when changing between the accelerator and brake pedals, is something he leaves on the racetrack. He says he uses his new BMW M3 Competition Touring like everyone else uses their cars: for traveling, for shopping, for the family. Overall, he sees himself as a fairly conventional road user. When asked about his everyday driving style, he explains cheerfully: “Basically, I'm a very pleasant, relaxed chap on the road.” Which is not to say that he completely renounces sporty driving beyond the racetrack.


If the highway is clear, admits the BMW M works driver, he surely likes to drive a little faster. Also, Jens Klingmann has a certain preference for “cross-country driving”, as he calls it. Occasionally he just likes to get off the beaten track, and his new company car is perfect for this: thanks to M xDrive, the BMW M3 Competition Touring can switch effortlessly between all-wheel and rear-wheel drive, so that on snowy or slippery surfaces you can perform drifts in 2WD mode or make progress with improved traction in AWD mode, depending on your preference or requirements.

Urban GreenUrban Green

Urban Green


Asked why he decided for his new Touring’s paint finish, Klingmann replies straight out that BMW Individual Urban Green is not just an “awesome” colour, but also creates a great contrast to the vehicle’s black tyres, black roof, and the black interior. On top of that, he adds, it is a colour you just don’t see a lot on the road. He believes that his BMW M 3 Competition Touring in BMW Individual Urban Green really sticks out.  

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Jens Klingmann schätzt seinen Werksdienstwagen als praktisch und sportlich.
I use my company car just like everyone else – only mine’s a bit nicer than most others (laughs).
Jens Klingmann

BMW M works driver


Ein praktischer Sportler.

Asked what he thinks is the BMW M3 Competition Touring’s greatest strength, Jens Klingmann lets out with no hesitation: “You can fit everything in.” As a professional motorsports’ driver, but also as a family man, Klingmann travels a lot. Luggage, passengers, everything has space in his new sporty company car. And as a very pleasant add-on, Klingmann expressly adds, the M3 also looks very good, has a rich sound and allows you to travel fast and comfortably. 

The M3 TouringThe M3 Touring

The M3 Touring

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BMW M3 Competition Touring with M xDrive:
Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km 10.4
CO2 emissions combined in g/km 235
CO2 class G

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