BMW M5 Touring E61


Motorsport and transport in perfect harmony.

The BMW M5 Touring E61.Motorsport and transport in perfect harmony.

No car transported so fast and comfortably – from 2007 to 2010, the BMW M5 Touring E61 revolutionized the world of estate cars with hi-tech and high performance. The M automobile had a high-revving V10 engine and a design marked by understatement. Thanks to the M typical sport suspension and the roomy boot, the BMW M5 Touring was quickly seen as the perfect allrounder.

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  • 01 10-cylinder engine with high-rev concept
  • 02 Displacement: 4,999 cm3
  • 03 Max. output: 373 kW (507 hp)
  • 04 7-speed SMG with Drivelogic
  • 05 Vmax (optional): 305 km/h
BMW M5 Touring E61 rear
BMW M5 Touring E61 front


A V10 from the F1 forge.

From the beginning, the BMW M5 Touring was conceived as a racetrack-capable five-door car which puts a lot of power on the asphalt: 5.0 litre capacity, 10 cylinders, 507 hp and maximum torque of 520 Newton metres. The extraordinary engine, whose housing was manufactured in the same forge as the Formula 1 motor blocks of the era, had a maximum speed of 8,250 rpm. The Touring accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, at 250 km/h an electronic limiter kicked in – with an option of 305 km/h. On top of that was the unique, mesmerizing sound, which in this form can only be offed by 10-cylinder engines with a high-rev concept.

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The V10 engine of the BMW M5 Touring E61

Pure power – the V10 engine with 507 hp.

The power train won numerous awards (including “Engine of the Year 2005”) and was given the high-rev concept from motorsport for optimum performance and thrust build-up. During tests on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, the Touring E61 turned in lap times that were only just behind the M5 Sedan.

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Motorsport with cargo hold.

By starting the engine, the P400 performance programme with 400 hp was activated. By pressing the Power button beside the gear lever and the P500 programme kicked in, offering the full 507 hp engine performance. At the same time the pedal kinematics reset to a sharper sensitivity of the accelerator. In P500 mode, the speedo reached the 200 km/h mark after just 14 seconds. The Launch Control, fitted as standard, played its part by ensuring optimum acceleration: on ignition, it held the engine steady on 4,000 rpm, before bringing the full power of the engine into play with the acceleration. Back then, this system was only known in Formula 1 and super sportscars.

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The trunk of the BMW M5 Touring E61

The M Automobiles cargo artist – the BMW M5 Touring offered 500 to 1,650 litres cargo volume.

With all the motorsport DNA, people almost forgot that the M automobile also had lots of space: five complete seats and a flexible cargo volume of 500 to 1,650 litres. The full capacity could be achieved by putting down the back seats. Therefore, several bags and cases or a complete racing bike were no problem for the exclusive Touring model.

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The trunk of the BMW M5 Touring E61

The M Automobiles cargo artist – the BMW M5 Touring offered 500 to 1,650 litres cargo volume.


The sequential transmission (SMG) of the BMW M5 Touring.

The sequential, 7-speed M transmission with Drivelogic, which could either be fully automatic or used via the shift paddles on the steering wheel, had eleven different driving modes: six for manual shifting and five for the automatic. At every speed and number of revs, the ideal ratio was ready, either for maximum economy or if desired to open up the full temperament of the engine. For the sporting purists, the ESP had to be deactivated.

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BMW M5 Touring E61

Emotion and ratio in perfect harmony – the BMW M5 Touring was one of the fastest series estates of its time.


High performance thanks to innovative components.

The rear wheel drive, full aluminium chassis and almost equal weight distribution between the front and rear axles were ideal prerequisites for maximum driving pleasure. The electronic suspension control had three settings in the BMW M5 Touring: Comfort, Normal and Sport. The permanent stepless damper force distribution raised its performance in bends, when braking and when accelerating, and tangibly improved the pitch and roll behaviour of the vehicle. And the braking was high performance too: Thanks to the M braking system,  the vehicle could safely and quickly brake even under peak loads. In the interplay with the direct steering, the driver could take the next hairpin fast and in complete control.

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The BMW M5 Touring E61 is a coming classic car.

The BMW M5 Touring overcame apparent contradictions: It was a comfortable touring limousine, a roomy estate and a thoroughbred sportscar. Thanks to its performance, the M automobile was from a technical point of view an extraordinary vehicle. And ahead of its time. The engineers blended a rational five-door car with an emotional high-performance sports car – equipped with a fascinating power train and the full range of M specific components. The BMW M5 Touring E61 is a rare and sought-after collector’s item with guaranteed value appreciation. Just 1,009 were licensed worldwide.

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BMW M3 Touring

Never say never: For the first time in history, there will be a BMW M3 Touring. The connection between M specific peak performance and the intelligent functionality of a Touring model make the BMW M3 G81 a very special vehicle.

BMW M5 Touring E61