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Eli Hountondji checks his 1,000 hp BMW S58 engine.

Eli Hountondji wants to know: How does his 1,000 hp engine look on the inside, after being used for two years under racing conditions?

31 October 2023

For the last two years, the Red Bull Driftbrothers Joe and Eli Hountondji have been using the BMW M4 Competition Coupé in their daily drift business. With a spectacular design, exhaust system on the roof and full-throated sound, the brothers skid their stuff at race days and shows. The boisterous propulsion for their specially optimized M4 models comes from the BMW M S58 turbo engine – the series power unit from the BMW M3 and M4. How much series is still in the straight six-cylinder engine, tuned to deliver more than 1,000 hp? And can it deal with the constant stress on the drift track?

“Yes, it can,” says Eli Hountondji, who has performed at more than 30 events with the S58. To deliver the ultimate proof, the aerospace engineer packs up the engine and takes it back to its place of birth: Let's go to the disassembly in Garching with the BMW M experts.

Two years ago, we built two S58 engines with more than 1,000 hp, not knowing what will happen. Today it’s time to look at the status quo.
Eli Hountondji, Red Bull Driftbrothers


Red Bull Driftbrothers Eli and Joe Hountondji took their tuned S58 engines to BMW M to disassemble them and take a look inside - after driving them for two years. A detailed analysis also compares the S58 to the famous 2JZ, a very well-known engine in the tuning world.



Eli Hountondji and the experts from BMW M take a close look at the modified S58 engine.Eli Hountondji and the experts from BMW M take a close look at the modified S58 engine.

How the tuned powerplant differs from the standard engine.

In their BMW M4, apart from larger exhaust turbochargers, Eli and Joe use a special fuel injection system with new software, a much larger cooling package with an additional radiator in the back of the car, along with a tailor-made exhaust system. The exhaust- and intake ports of the cylinder head were flow-optimized in order to deal with the enormous output of the engine. Special mention: crankshaft, conrods and pistons weren’t altered or replaced over the entire period.

S58 SeriesS58 by Red Bull Driftbrothers





84 mm

84 mm


90 mm

90 mm


2,993 cm³

2,993 cm³




Injection system

Petrol direct injection

Petrol direct and intake manifold injection


M TwinPower Turbo

Xona Rotor Single Turbo, enhanced with anti-lag system

Cooling system


2 x radiators

Oil supply



Engine control


Programmable MoTeC M142 ECU & and 229sport custom software

Max. output

up to 550 hp

1,039 PS

Max. torque

up to 650 Nm

1,285 Nm

Exhaust system



Exhaust emission standard

Euro 6d


The modified BMW M S58 engine of the Red Bull Driftbrothers in detail.The modified BMW M S58 engine of the Red Bull Driftbrothers in detail.
Dark deposits are normal in this case and are evidence of the high fuel quantity – the toll of over 1,200 Nm of torque.

Good condition and minimal wear despite extreme power.

After the engine dismantling, a clear picture emerged: Despite constant stress and extreme output, the engine is in excellent condition. No signs of wear on the series components like pistons, combustion chambers, conrods, main bearings and crankshaft. The high-pressure injectors are intact and seal 100%. The cylinder head gasket is in very good condition. The piston head and the in- and outlet areas of the cylinder head bear the marks of a great deal of fuel being injected – the dark residues cannot be overlooked – but that has no influence on the running behaviour and reliability of the motor. The engine experts from BMW M are happy – and Eli too. Bring on the next 30 drift events!

Eli Hountondji von den Red Bull Driftbrothers und sein BMW M4Eli Hountondji von den Red Bull Driftbrothers und sein BMW M4
We thrashed this tuned engine over two years. But it just laughed and took it!
Eli Hountondji, Red Bull Driftbrothers

BMW M S58.

The BMW M S58 engine.The BMW M S58 engine.

The legacy of an iconic engine family.

Already at the launch in 2019, the BMW M S58 engine showed what it was made of: The forged crankshaft, closed-deck crankcase, 3D printed cylinder head and 350-bar injection are just some of the features which indicate the engine’s performance potential. In its highest level of configuration, the straight-six cylinder supplies 405 kW (550 hp) as standard – in the BMW M4 CSL. Over and above that, it does its duty in all the other BMW M3 and M4 models, as well as in the BMW M2, BMW X3 M and X4 M.

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